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Preventing and Healing Pain in Hands-Wrists

The Best Exercise for Eye Strain and Hands Pain

Please share these videos with someone who’s been touched by pain in hands, arms, wrists, fingers. Know that we CAN heal and prevent unnecessary suffering holistically with just a few little routines added to our non-negotiable unconscious habits.


These practices + Inhale Nature Muscle & Joint Care Oil are beneficial for preventing and healing many painful conditions:

- carpal tunnel syndrome

- rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis

- trigger finger

- hands wrists finger injury recovery

- tendonitis

- repetitive strain injury

- Ganglion cysts

- Kienbock's disease


Thank you for watching, and for choosing to honor and take loving care of what you have been given as a gift. Sending you love, please do not give up.


🌱 Links to mentioned things:

👉🏻 Inhale Nature Muscle-Joint Care >

👉🏻 Pain Relief Channel >

👉🏻 Hands-Whists Care Channel with Yoga and Rehab sequences > 


Please let me know the most useful or favorite part of this episode so I can improve going forward.


Natasha 🌱✨ 

Would you like to have healthy eyes and prevent headaches, avoid common painful hand 🤚 deterioration caused by our digital screens? It is possible with just a 2-minute break added to every hour of your screen-time. This sequence tones stretches and investigates the muscles of your eyes, palms, forearms shoulders and upper back can be done in two minutes in your chair. Best for healing and preventing eye strain, tension headaches, migraines, hands pain, carpal tunnel, trigger finger, wrist pain, shoulder tension and pain, neck tension and pain, arthritis in hands, and many more conditions caused by inflammation, overuse, stiffness immobility and weakness. You can order my  Muscle-Joint tension-inflammation relief oil here, and apply it in all places that stiff or hurt - I promise it is MAGICAL.


Let me know how you like this fun eye-hand workout!


❤️ Natasha 

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