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Born in a San Francisco yoga studio as the in-house product, Inhale Nature is made with love by me, the founder Natasha Ivantsova.  I was a gardener since I remember myself: every spring my mom (pictured with me) and grandma would teach my sisters and me to plant seeds and take responsibility for vegetables, strawberries, and the most exquisite peonies. I believe that nothing tastes better than your own grown food. I also know that the plants' essence heals our minds and refuels our urban souls lost in the chase and headlines. Mother Nature gifts us with the most effective nutrition, skincare, medicine, and home care products. When I opened Glow Yoga & Wellness, I simply could not find any product that is 100% toxin-free to help me create an environment for healing and relaxation. That is why I came up with Inhale Nature. Replacing a blend of hard-to-pronounce chemicals, Inhale Nature is your better choice of environmentally responsible products.  Not only our products are all-natural, but also more effective and longer lasting than any toxin-filled alternatives.

I truly hope that my pain relief product, Muscle & Joint Care Oil can be available to everyone who struggles with any chronic physical pain, tension, arthritis, inflammation, and poor circulation. My life's mission is healing and preventing chronic pain - it causes so much suffering in our lives. This mix of potent oils has healed my mom's extremely painful hand arthritis she had endured after menopause. With the somber diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, all she had hoped for was to reduce the suffering of living with chronic pain. I still remember seeing her constantly rub her hands, feeling her pain, and my inability to help was just heart-wrenching. After unsuccessfully trying all of the available prescriptions, we have turned to mother nature. This remedy was the only thing to instantaneously relieve her pain - right after rubbing it in. She says she used it all the time and on-the-go, and after short 6 months, she'd noticed that the arthritis was no more a daily bother, and at soon after, the chronic pain was gone. It's been over 6 years now, and it has not come back! My mom swears by the rub and keeps giving it away to everyone in pain, including strangers. She is wonderful. Pictured below is her visiting Glow Yoga, pain-free, and playful as a kid. 

I've done my research: no wonder it works so well! There are many scientific medical studies (a few are listed below) proving the effectiveness of each potent ingredient I put together in Inhale Nature Relieve & Repair Oil Rub. It helps alleviate pain, inflammation, muscle tension, soreness, recovery, and dozens of uncomfortable conditions. I hope you give it a try  - and send some to your parents!


I source plant oils that are certified pure, organic, and fairly traded, and our packaging is easily recyclable, upcyclable and re-usable.  If you really care about the environment and want to participate by action, I highly recommend reading 'The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability - Designing for Abundance' by William McDonough, or start with his Ted Talk here


I know that companies can be as good as people, that is why Inhale Nature supports an environmental group that protects our only home - the Earth. Read more about >


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