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from a necessity to reality...

reducing inflammation and eliminating toxicity one product at a time

Born in San Francisco holistic wellness studio as the in-house product, Inhale Nature is made with love by me, the founder Natasha Ivantsova.  When I opened Glow Yoga & Wellness, I simply could not find any product that is 100% toxin-free to help me create a truly healing environment for my clients.

I came up with Inhale Nature to replace selfcare products made of harmful chemicals. Synthetic fragrances are the most dangerous widespread endocrine disruptors: they mimic our hormones, derailing our immune system. And trust me - they are in every home and personal care product! Inhale Nature Home Sprays have zero toxins - only organic plants. Plus, they work better, last longer, and smell amazing. 

For everyone who struggles with chronic inflammation, physical pain, tension, arthritis, or poor circulation - I've created a wicked anti-inflammatory Muscle & Joint Care Oil. Unlike any cooling product on the market, it is completely toxin-free, more powerful, lasts longer, and even nourishes your skin. My potent formula of anti-inflammatory oils has healed my mom's extremely painful rheumatoid arthritis she had endured after menopause. It's been over 10 years now, and the inflammation has not come back. Here she is pictured below is her visiting Glow Yoga, pain-free, and playful as a kid.  

Please give Muscle & Joint Care a try, and send some to your loved ones. Hundreds of clinical studies (a few are listed below) prove the effectiveness of each of our potent plant-based ingredients. 

To be eco-responsible,  we use only pure plant-based ingredients and recyclable metal or glass containers for our product line. I do my best to source the plants grown in the USA, certified pure, organic, and fairly traded, and our packaging is easily recyclable, upcyclable, and re-usable . We don't use alcohol, petroleum products, or any toxic fillers, gases, or emulsifiers. If you live in San Francisco, please bring your used bottle in to get $1 off your next purchase. 


If you truly care about the environment and want to participate by action, I highly recommend reading 'The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability - Designing for Abundance by William McDonough, or start with his Ted Talk here >


I know that companies can be as good as people, that is why Inhale Nature supports an environmental group that protects our only home - the Earth. Read more about 1% For The Planet >

Inhale Nature is your better choice of environmentally responsible products that do not add stress to our bodies and the planet. Mother Nature gives us the most effective nutrition, skincare, medicine, and home care products. 

Farmgirl at heart, I thank you for joining me in detoxifying our homes so we can heal ourselves and our common mother Earth. 


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